Why Andean Textiles?


As a Bolivian I have always had the question, what best represents our Andean Culture?... and more important what is the element that unites our people?...

 After many years of research, I have realized that Aguayos or Andean Textiles have the power to identify each of us. Ranging from the lower class to the upper class we equally identify with this element. This is a symbol that makes us forget our differences and allows unity.


In other regions, societies used papyrus, paper, or parchment to keep records of their past.  However, our Andean community do this is in a different way. Our weavers are the ones that build a language through our textiles that are able to narrate our ancestral history. Andean textiles record and document the stories of our cities, towns and culture.

This is our treasure.

Our jewelry and accessories line is an honor to this art, full of admiration to the complex of the designs and structures that are made by our weavers, that tell our stories keeping our origins.

Our mission is to explore in depth the wisdom provided by Andean textiles, and give us the opportunity to process it for new creations that lead to the appreciation of our culture.

Each piece is handmade with a lot of love for you to shine, we hope you enjoy them!


Vivian Tapia

Founder & CEO



Vivian Tapia