Story behind the Condor - Raise your wings Bracelet

This bracelet has a magical powerful symbol, the Condor. For our Andean culture the Condor represents immortality or going beyond our boundaries.


We have created a sequence of a Condor opening his wings to encourage you to follow your personal power, fighting for your dreams, and listening to your heart. This bracelet will shine with you as a reminder of your greatness.

The Condor was chosen as a symbol of power because it is the highest flying bird in America, even more so than the eagle. The Condor is also chosen, as a symbol of gratefulness, as this bird performs a ritual before every meal of opening his wings as a way to give thanks for the food he is about to eat.

This symbol can be found in our Andean National shields: Bolivia's shield symbolizes the search for unlimited horizons. Colombia's shield symbolizes freedom and order. Chile's shield symbolizes strength. Ecuador's shield symbolizes greatness and courage. For our Andean region, this bird is the most magnificent icon of all. (image down-below reference 


Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 17.23.58.png

The wonderful vision of the Andean condor is as good on the outside as it is on the inside; It has a beautiful analogy to discover our true selves. Through the vision of accepting, embracing our authenticity, and loving ourselves as we are.

The Condor flies at extraordinary heights distributing his energy equally so that gravity does not let him fall. His image will give you drive and courage when you feel stagnant.

Somos is so proud of this icon and we hope you identify and feel the same greatness of this bird that we feel.

Vivian Tapia