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We are / Somos


Our inspiration are Andean Textiles. We believe this is the most powerful union element. That is why our jewelry and accessories blend with tradition, elegance and the love of who we are as form of evolution to our culture.

Nuestra inspiración son los textiles andinos, creemos que es el elemento de unión más poderoso. Por eso nuestras joyas y accesorios mezclan la tradición, la elegancia y el amor a lo que somos cOMO UNA FORMA DE evolución a nuestra cultura.



We are three designer and craftsman women

" A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist." Louis Nize


Luz Stella Mesa

Luz Stella is the power and energy of our team. Luz Stella is a Textile Designer with a passion for crafts, she is always learning new techniques! and creates beautiful things for her family that are her top 1 fans. She has a geek side as she enjoys being up to date in technology. Additionally, Luz loves creating jewelry and textiles putting her heart in everything she does.


Vivian Tapia

Vivian is the Designer and Founder of somos. Throughout her life Vivian has loved creating crafts with her hands. She is also fascinated by all the techniques and practices that are passed on through generations. And believes this leads to the wisdom of our ancestors. She is so proud of her Andean Culture and wants people to feel this way too. During her free time Vivian enjoys traveling, watching films, being with her loved ones.


Taia Saldarriaga

Taia brings elegance and glamor to our brand, she is a terrific woman who loves to knit, crochet and everything related to textiles. Taia combines her knowledge in crafts to help create unique accessories. She is a family person who enjoys spending time with her husband, children and two dogs. During her free time she likes to take long strolls on her bicycle.